1 Oct

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Iphone Test

1 Oct

About to take off. Been up since 3am and couldn’t sleep.


30 Sep

Going to geneva tomorrow morning for a long weekend 🙂 Cant wait to see my girlfriend again :). Miss her a lot so hopefully we will have some partying and see joe and dec again.


Nitro Roadwarriors Trailer

30 Sep

Heres another Nitro movie thats coming out soon from mainly the Euro team. Looks sick too. Check it out!

Nitro Teaser

30 Sep

Heres the teaser for the Nitro movie it looks sick. Cant wait to check it out!

Saas Fee Edit

30 Sep

Saas fee was pretty fun but it turned out some problems like slow snow and slushy as hell but i had a few fun days up there check out this edit!


Back In Business

30 Sep

So yeah no posts for a while thats because i’ve been mayhem busy chilling pretty hard so i had nothing to talk about really but now im back with some mayhem stuff dropping in soon.

Check this out for the mean time.