Sweden….Days 1-4

27 Jul

What can i say? Swedenn is Awesome, i didnt think it would be this fun. The first day me and tom flew into gothenborg city and went and look around some of the shops, its a pretty cool city fer sure. Then we headed to Varnamo to Malins House where we would be staying for a few nights. We hung out there with some of nina and malins friends then we slept. 🙂 Haha.

The 2nd day we slept in abit cause we were pretty tired we had like 3 hours sleep the night before. haha. Then there was some Festival Down in Helsingobrg so we made our way down there, it was like a 2 hour drive or something. Then the party begun 😉 its was sooo much fun but then we didnt make it into the Town unfortunatly 😦 My fault i know but oh well still a sick Night :D.

3rd day we headed up to Falkenberg to Malins summer house for a night was such a kwl summer house with its own guest house and Sauna. haha it was like a hour and a half drive then we hung out there for abit and Malin and nina drove us aroundd and showed us some places there and we went down to the beach and had somee food. then back to the summer house and me and tom took a swim in the sea, pretty cold. haha On the night Malins dad made some sickk BBQ. After that we talked for abit then went to sleep. 🙂

finally todayy we went to some castle to check that out then back to the summer house to chill and have some food. Then back to Varnamo where we went to one of Nina and Malins friends house then back to malinss to get some food then had a longg Saunaa. and now i do this haha 😀

Sorry for such a long update but its just been soo much fun haha. 😀

I ❤ Swedenn

Night Night x


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