3 Oct


Today was the british snow tour at cas. the setup was pretty kwl there was dwn bar to flat dwn or the 10m to kicker or a up gas pipe to box and gas pipe at the bottom. I got one run down kinda but it turned out i got a higher score on the run that i fell on. wich is weird :s, there was a few weird results in the end. i ended up 3rd in my age group so i guess thats not too bad and there wasnt much in it.

Now im gonna chill for like a few days cause this week ive been mega busy like training at the gym then snowboarding 3 days and i got a super bad headache atm so that suckss, but all in all was a fun day and got to see ollie, jesse, henry, gangles and others i dont see that often.

Now gonna go watch some movie or something then sleep hopefully.




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